Orbit Motor And Steering Units

We offer fast and precise solutions for the repair and replacement of pumps and hydromotors in the following series. The repaired hydraulic pumps are sent after being tested in the test unit we have located in our company.

Transmission Volume: 50- 1000 cm3

Types: Open Center, Closed center, Load sensitive (Dynamic and Static)

Working Pressures: P: 90 bar / P: 100 bar / P: 125 bar P: 140 bar / P: 170 bar / P: 175 bar

Transmission Volume: 50- 800 cm3 / rev.

Continuous Working  Cycles: 130 rpm / min. - 850 rpm.

Working Torque Values: 8,7 da.Nm. - 142 da.Nm.

Maximum Working Pressures: 250 bar - 120 bar

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