EATON-Vickers Axial Piston Pumps amd Motors

It has a design that includes open circuit and various displacement options. PVB series piston pumps can reach 210 bar working pressure and have displacements between 10 cc and 94 cc.

Space saving thanks to its compact design

Wide displacement options provide flexibility for different applications.

The mobile pressure compensator has a wide range of applications, as it has widely used control options such as pressure and flow compensators and remote pressure compensators.

It is durable and lightweight with its aluminum body.

Various control options provide customization for specific applications.

With its special design, it is the quietest variable piston pump in the industry. Bushing bearing prolongs product life.

They operate with high efficiency up to 95% thanks to their wide control features. It can reach 250 bar continuous working pressure and 280 bar maximum pressure.

PVH57, PVH74, PVH98 and PVH131 cc models are available.

Numerous shafts and mounting options provide flexibility and durability for different applications and maximum operational safety.

It can be easily used in applications that require 420 bar continuous working pressure and 500 bar maximum pressure in the displacement range of 55 cc - 280 cc.

Its modular design provides operational flexibility and interchangeable controls.

High efficiency and high precision control increases the capacity of the vehicle.

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