Commercial Hydraulics-Metaris Dişli Pompa ve Motorlar

Commercial Hydraulics is one of the most widely used brands in the hydraulic pump industry produced by Parker group. Products such as hydraulic gear pumps and gear motors are preferred for their many advantageous features and quality.

Our company has been serving our customers for years with the sale, repair and maintenance of Commercial Hydraulics brand hydraulic pumps and motors and sales of spare parts.

Commercial Hydraulics pumps and motors are produced in two main subgroups with bushing type and ball bearings type.

Bearing type hydraulic pumps and motors:

P30 / M30 / PGP030 / PGM030 / P31 / M31 / PGP031 / PGM031 series

P50 / M50 / PGP050 / PGM050 / P51 / M51 / PGP051 / PGM051 series

P75 / PGP075 / PGM075 / P76 / PGP076 / PGM076 pumps series

Bushing type hydraulic pumps and motors:

P315 / PGP315 / PGM 315 series

P330 / PGP330 / PGM330 series

P350 / PGP350 / PGM 350 series

P365 / PGP365 / PGM 365 series

30/31, 50/51 and 75/76 series hydraulic gear pumps and motors are roller bearing type and made of cast iron materials. P30 / 31, 50/51 and 75/76 series hydraulic gear pumps and motors get the best out of their performance with their unique thrust plates and high torque characteristics. These series hydraulic pumps with roller type bearings have 201 cc / rev transmission with 16 cc / rev up to 201Bar / 3000psi pressure value.

300 series bushing type Hydraulic pumps and motors have set the standards for superior performance and reliability in heavy hydraulic applications. It provides high efficiency and long life in heavy working environments with strong bushings and three-piece cast iron construction. Thanks to an improved pressure plate, seal configuration and its design has optimized its performance in high temperature and low viscosity conditions.

Single, multiple and piggyback applications of 300 series bushing hydraulic pumps are possible. Multiple pumps are preferred because of their low installation costs, small dimensions and general capabilities.

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